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ZOE wooden church chairs and pews – are made with respect for nature and a responsible approach from the highest quality available. They are precious, precisely processed, beautiful, strong, solid and ready to serve the generations to come.

Remarkable Qualities of Each Wood

Oak wood for church chairs manufactured in Slovakia.

“”With its density of 0.75 g / cm3, oak wood is one of the highest quality and most durable materials for furniture production. And the most beautiful, too. It is wood from which bridge structures, ships or mill wheel supports are made, as well as whiskey barrels, staircases and luxury interior equipment.”

Virtually Indestructible

Alder wood for church chairs manufactured in Slovakia.

“The second option is lighter, no less beautiful alder. ZOE wood chairs made of alder wood are almost equal to oak chairs as regards their beauty. They are extraordinarily strong, but with a lower weight – 6 kg, which is an advantage when you need a flexible church seating.”

Lighter and Beautiful


Beautiful, Strong, Solid and Ready to Serve the Generations

We can’t even imagine a better material for making church chairs than wood. Working with it is a pleasure and the resulting product is something that perfectly serves the needs of the church.

Wooden church chairs will faithfully serve the faithful and provide them with support in their encounters with God. Only wood captures warmth and comfort, it brings a certain grandeur wherever it appears. It is a piece of nature under the vaults of the temple.

Few people today will think about the usefulness and rarity of the gift of nature – wood. Wood is and will be here for us forever, warm and lasting, silently coexisting with us.

From Beginning

Trees have accompanied man from life from the very beginning. They give him a refreshing shade, there are fruits that sow well, but also wood that gives warmth and forms a large part of his home.

Accompanies Us

In the shape of beautiful and practical furniture, in the form of the floor you walk on, or hanging on the walls and facades, or in the very construction of the house, in places where you can relax and spend time with your loved ones.


Solid oak chairs are virtually indestructible. It is not harmed by environmental influences, such as alternating humidity and drought, or by pests or fungi.

And even dozens, let’s say hundreds of years of use will not leave their mark on it.

Elegant Structure

Oak wood has a pleasant light brown colour, through which the dark lines of annual rings stretch. Its elegant structure is further enhanced by drying, treatment and varnishing, which also prolongs the life of the furniture.

The name ZOE is the Greek equivalent of LIFE.

Greek word: ζωή, zoe⁠ – occurs 135 times in the Greek New Testament.⁠